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Resources for single people ( including those divorced or widowed ) and leaders of singles organizations including singles groups, singles dances, clubs, church and religious (e.g. Christian and Jewish ) adult singles ministries and singles travel clubs offering singles cruises and vacations. Information on singles events, dining, social, recreation, fellowship, ministry, trips and charity opportunities for single volunteers. Recreational singles groups such as sailing, hiking, biking, and ski clubs for those singles who enjoy adventure and exercise. Support for divorced and widowed and single parents. Plus some coverage on a concept known as rapid dating or speed dating that is now offered to singles in some cities.

Special resources for leaders and volunteers of singles groups and ministries include guest speakers, advice concerning group leadership and membership issues.

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 I am a single person wanting to find organizations available for single people.  I am a leader of a singles organization and could use some leadership resources.  I represent a singles organization and I would like to reach singles.

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organization - a group of persons organized for some specific purpose, as a club


Please help us build awareness of organizations of single people that get together in person for social interaction and help the leaders of those organizations.


This is a family oriented website. We want everybody to feel comfortable referring this site to friends and acquaintances so you may find that we are even a bit conservative. There is also very little information here on singles dating services.


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